November 1, 2020


A small community centred around games, which reached 74 members.


Spoosaroo was originally created as a Discord server for a small group of friends, but then friends added friends and the server expanded slowly over time, eventually reaching 74 members (and counting). The server system was built for scalability, allowing accounts to be created for each member which allowed them to whitelist themselves on any game servers (with Minecraft Java and Bedrock entirely automated). The system also allows for the enforcement of anti-exploiting clients, which is automatically enabled for a specific user if they trigger the anticheat.


Current Status

Continual growth, with daily usage from a large portion of the members.


Languages & Technologies

The main portion was written in PHP, making APIs available for the game servers. Game server plugins were mostly written in Java, interfacing with the PHP APIs, and Discord bots were written in NodeJS, which also interfaced with the APIs.