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August 7, 2020

Project: Audio

Enabling any audio to be played in a web browser, from any game


Project: Audio is a project which enables users of the popular Minecraft server DiamondFire to play any audio from within their games. It allows more immersive experiences, such as with a recreation of The Stanley Parable (recreated by KabanFriends), and also with their events plots (allowing custom sound effects, without needing a resource pack). The project reached a peak of 108 players within the support community.


Languages & Technologies

The entire system is written in NodeJS, using Socket.IO to communicate between the main server and the user's client. Due to limitations of DiamondFire, the games send POST requests to the web server which then sends the packets. The system is also integrated in to the popular CodeUtilities mod, working seamlessly even though it is written in an entirely seperate language (Java).