June 5, 2021

Daybloom Issuing

Online payment security for the consumer, using Stripe Issuing.


This project aims to enable more consumers in the UK to feel safer when online shopping, by creating virtual cards whenever they pay for things - similar to US alternatives such as Privacy.com. It is different from solutions from companies such as Revolut, as the entire system is managed via a smartphone app, and all payments are taken from linked cards. When a payment goes through, a user will also have around five seconds to approve the payment before it is automatically declined - therefore reducing fraud to near nothing.


Current Status

The Daybloom Issuing project is currently halted whilst I wait for a response from the Stripe Issuing beta team, as I reside in the UK.


Languages & Technologies

The basic framework of the project is written in Laravel, using Laravel Cashier and the official Stripe wrapper for PHP. Web design for the landing page was done using a template for landing pages, though it was highly customised.