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March 13, 2021

Daybloom Game Servers

Simplifying the creation of game servers for all Minecraft editions


This project was originally created as a result of wanting to make the original Daybloom more accessable. Added features included control from outside the game, automated modpack installation, as well as a custom minigame mode which loaded supported minigames, whilst saving the user's world so that they could seamlessly return to the level they were playing before the minigame.

Base features, such as unlimited player slots, bandwidth and plugins, were included for free. Users could upgrade for £2.99 per month, which allowed them to access the Bedrock edition support, the Xbox-based joining system, as well as doubling the amount of RAM and quadrupling the amount of storage.


Languages & Technologies

The backend system was written in Laravel, with the web design done in Bootstrap using an admin panel framework. The system integrated with the Pterodactyl API to create Docker containers on demand, as well as abstracting lots of the more difficult server-side work.