July 26, 2020

Daybloom Game-Based Servers

The original Daybloom - Allowing anyone to create their own Minecraft server, without expertise.


This project was created due to my absolutely love of servers, and feeling though I could do better when friends mentioned alternatives such as Aternos or Server.pro. The system was my first relatively large project, and was written in Java, a language that at the time I was freshly learning. This resulted in a project without perfect quality, though filled with effort from my end. The system featured rudementary support for server types, as well as featuring an automated updating system for when I pushed changes.

On top of the free limitations (one server per user), users were able to purchase the Pro plan which allowed them to create another servers. The plan cost £1.99 per month. A premium plan was also available for £3.99 a month, which was billed as an addon to the Pro plan (meaning users paid an extra £2 per month). This allowed the creation of a further server. Overall, the project earned a total of £5.98 within its short operating lifespan.


Current Status

The project was shut down due to glaring technical issues.


Languages & Technologies

The entire system was built in Java, with some exceptions written in PHP as APIs that the system could access.