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February 11, 2023

DiamondFire Moderation Team

Helping a community of young people to learn and develop with Computer Science


DiamondFire is a Minecraft coding server which aims to teach younger people Computer Science, using a visual programming language to allow people to make their own games. The server was featured at the 2017 Scratch Conference in France, as well as in 2020 at Snapcon 2020 at UC Berkeley. I have previously been a member of the support team for DiamondFire, which directly helps with coding difficulties and helps to explain tough concepts.



As part of the moderation team for DiamondFire, I have been directly involved within solving disputes between players as well as handling reports sent to us. This also includes figuring out the appropriate course of action to take - specifically how long we need to stop somebody being able to play for, or preventing them from directly communicating with other players (in the case of harassment or bullying). I am also responsible for ensuring evidence is found for each problem, as well as handling appeals if players believe we have made a mistake.