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March 9, 2023

Reply Code Challenge 2023

Competing against other teams within a group, to solve real-life computer science problems


Reply Code Challenge is a coding challenge run by Reply, with different versions based on age. The competition this year had 1300 teams taking part, with the winning team completing all of the challenges in a total of 11 person-hours. Details about the challenge are available by clicking here, which also shows the solutions and problems we were presented with


Our Experience

Taking part in this challenge with a team of 4 people definitely helped me to develop my logical reasoning and thinking skills, as well as improving the way I communicate ideas within a group. This helped me to understand the most efficient ways to work collaboratively, which allowed us to finish within the top 28% of teams entering. Whilst we ended up 374th out of 1369 teams, the knowledge gained from the mistakes we made will definitely be useful in future when trying to solve similar problems within a group.